U.S. Sources: Iran Buying Russian SA-20s

December 11th, 2008  

Topic: U.S. Sources: Iran Buying Russian SA-20s

U.S. Sources: Iran Buying Russian SA-20s

Dec 10, 2008
David A. Fulghum/Washington
Douglas Barrie/London

Senior U.S. government officials independently confirm that Iran is now "on contract" for the Russian SA-20 strategic SAM system, irrespective of Kremlin protestations to the contrary.
Tehran's deployment of such a system would mark a step-up in capability, and considerably improve the country's ability to defend its controversial nuclear facilities where the West remains concerned that Iran is pursuing a nuclear weapons capability.
"The Iranians are on contract for SA-20," says a government official. "We've got a huge set of challenges in the future that we've never had (before). We've been lulled into a false sense of security because our operations over the last 20 years involved complete air dominance and we've been free to operate in all domains," he adds.
The proliferation of so-called double-digit surface-to-air missile systems - such as the Almaz Antey SA-20 (S-300PMU1/S-300PMU2) - poses an increasing threat to non-stealthy aircraft, and will force changes in tactics and operational planning. The SA-20 has an engagement envelope of up to 150 kilometers; and Iran may be signed up for the S-300PMU-2 variant of the system.
Russia could use Belorussia as the route for a sale, allowing it to deny any direct involvement, says a U.S. official.
Still, it would likely take the Iranian armed forces some time, as much as 22 months, to become proficient in the operation of the SA-20. However, any deal would almost certainly cover training support of the system in the interim.
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December 12th, 2008  
Good news for Iran, bad news for U.S and Israel Military....because they're planing acquired F-35 (stealth) and several modern equipement who detect stealth such missiles.

The S-400,same for S-300 is probably the best anti-balistic/aircraft missiles in the world.
December 12th, 2008  
If it's the same "sources" that were pinpointing to Iraq's deadly WMDs and then couldn't find a single one of them, I think I'll pass.
December 12th, 2008  

Topic: Iran news

I agree who knows if it's really true or not I saw the article and posted.

quote]probably the best anti-balistic/aircraft missiles in the world
Is the S-300 probably the best anti-ballistic/aircraft missiles in the world, that has yet to be proven. If you look at it logically the system been out for a while that should be a clue. How effective it really is might be difficult to really know nobody going to come out and say directly this is the S-300 can be beat. My vote for the good guys.

The S-400 is in testing and that's "Russian testing" by the way which could mean many things like time to completion and how far a long the project is. Russia does a little better in this area so I won't say it needs export customers to finish this project.

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