U.S. says Russia must pull convoy from Ukraine or face more sanctions

August 23rd, 2014  
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Topic: U.S. says Russia must pull convoy from Ukraine or face more sanctions

By Natalia Zinets and Dmitry Madorsky KIEV/DONETSK-IZVARINO BORDER CROSSING Russia (Reuters) - The United States demanded Moscow remove an aid convoy it sent into rebel-held eastern Ukraine without permission on Friday, accusing Russia of a flagrant violation of the sovereignty of its former Soviet neighbor and threatening more sanctions. Moscow, which has thousands of troops close to the Russian side of the border, warned against any attempt to "disrupt" the convoy, which it said was purely humanitarian. NATO's top military commander said the movement of trucks looked like a disguised attempt to reinforce separatist forces. The Western defense alliance said Russian troops had been firing artillery across the border and within Ukraine in a major escalation of military support for pro-Moscow rebels since mid-August, a de facto charge that Russia was already waging war.


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