U.S. Helicopter Goes Down as Baghdad Security Operation Begins

February 8th, 2007  
The Cooler King

Topic: U.S. Helicopter Goes Down as Baghdad Security Operation Begins

BAGHDAD, Iraq A Sea Knight helicopter crashed Wednesday northwest of Baghdad, killing all seven people on board, the military said, the fifth chopper lost in Iraq in just over two weeks.

An Iraqi air force officer is saying the Sea Knight was downed by an anti-aircraft missile and the Islamic State in Iraq is claiming responsibility. This is the fourth helicopter they have claimed they have shot down. I saw the video of the chopper that went down in al-Taji and you can see a rag head holding some type of rocket launcher then you hear some gun fire followed by the blast from the rocket. Either they got a delievery of MANPADS from Al-Qaeda or they captured them from rival Shiite militias which in turn obtained them from Iran. Your guess is as good as mine but I'm sure the US Military will get to the bottom of this.
February 8th, 2007  
this is bad news

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