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September 10th, 2006  
Chief Bones

Topic: The human struggle ...

The comment that mankind is geared for war ... that the greatest strides in all of the 'Hard' Sciences occurred during wars ... is true. But it is also true, that the greatest strides in Medicine and the Health Sciences occurred at the same time.

It seems that NO discovery is arrived at without a certain amount of pain and suffering. Whether it is a new form of airlift or some new treatment for burns and wounds ... wars are the great spur for knowledge. Without it, growth slows down and nations begin to stagnate.

Man ... without something to struggle against, turns inward and loses the edge that make him 'human'. It is the struggle that sets man apart from the rest of the animal kingdom and wars that promote growth.

Maybe I should have created a different thread for the above comments ..... SORRY.

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