U.S. Army Infantry - Page 2

June 7th, 2004  
well, before worryin about SFAS and SFQC, I have to worry about GETTING infantry first...man if I don't get that blue cord..

I don't even know what else I'd be happy with...ADA SHORAD maybe..but i still have no clue
June 8th, 2004  
25m target, branching INF. 50m target, passing Ranger School. The rest will come when it comes. Take things one step at a time, focus on excelling and improving on what is in front of you - and that in itself will open many doors.
June 25th, 2004  
Pogue good luck on the blue cord. its a great feeling to wear it knowing what it symbolizes and what you had to do to get it . as far as ranger and higher schools you might want to do airbourne first to get it out of the way first. just a suggestion .
June 26th, 2004  
I have to agree with you Silent_Grunt_jb. It is an awesome feeling when you cross that parade field after graduation with that Infantry blue cord on. The next awesome thing to do before Airborne school and Ranger school is to qualify for your EIB (Expert Infantry Badge) which I wore proudly once I received it. What was even better was to have it and wear it in the National Guard when I came off active duty. I had ALOT of NGs asking me about it. I had some NG LRRP troops trying to recruit me for their LRRP unit with the little bit of credentials I had. But, to the NGs anything like that is an awesome feet. The best of luck to ALL the future grunts in here. Like TOP said once a grunt ALWAYS a grunt.
June 30th, 2004  
Most of the troops in my company have CIB's so and EIB is cool and all but test in peace are cool but doing it in a combat theater is awesome