Two Australian soldiers

Two Australian soldiers
December 19th, 2014  

Topic: Two Australian soldiers

Two Australian soldiers
Two Australian soldiers are driving down a farm road in America when all of a sudden their jeep breaks down. So they get out and walk down the road to a farmhouse and ask the farmer if they can stay the night. The farmer says yes but under one condition that they don't sleep with his daughter. So they agree but it turns out that his daughter is real slutty and they end up sleeping with her. The next morning they decide to come clean with the farmer so they tell him. And he says "I'm real disappointed in you boys. But now I want you to go and pick 100 of your favorite fruit and come back". So they leave and the first guy comes back with 100 cherries. The farmer pulls out a shotgun and orders the man to drop his pants and start shoving cherries up his ass. At 25 the soldier is smiling, at 50 he is giggling, at 75 he is full on laughing so hard that he can't breathe. So the farmer asks " why are you laughing?". The soldier says " I feel sorry for my sergeant! He's pickin watermelons!!!

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