TV stations canceling 'saving PVT Ryan' telecast

November 11th, 2004  
Duty Honor Country

Topic: TV stations canceling 'saving PVT Ryan' telecast

NEW YORK (AP) -- More than 20 ABC affiliates around the country, including two in Ohio, have announced that they won't take part in the network's Veterans Day airing of "Saving Private Ryan," saying the acclaimed film's violence and language could draw sanctions from the Federal Communications Commission.

The decisions mark a twist in the conflict over the aggressive stand the FCC has taken against obscenity and profanity since Janet Jackson flashed the world during the last Super Bowl halftime show.

Steven Spielberg's Oscar-winning movie aired on ABC with relatively little controversy in 2001 and 2002, but station owners -- including several in large markets -- are unnerved that airing it Thursday could bring federal punishment. The film includes a violent depiction of the D-Day invasion and profanity.

"It would clearly have been our preference to run the movie. We think it's a patriotic, artistic tribute to our fighting forces," Ray Cole, president of Citadel Communications, told AP Radio. The company owns three ABC affiliates in the Midwest...

November 14th, 2004  
That was a bomer, ruined the whle weekend
November 16th, 2004  
Gee the states are pretty strict on that kinda thing are they. Saving PVT Ryan has been shown a few times on Australian TV (without any censorship). Our laws aren't too concerned about letting people know the truth about war.
November 17th, 2004  
Duty Honor Country
some people in the US cannot handle the truth.

It's really sad that it has come down to censoring a movie like that. Thank God I have the freedom to watch that movie on my own.
November 21st, 2004  
Just buy it! Such a good film your gonna watch it a hell of a lot of times anyway. But yea the UK shows it without any dumb censorship..