Turkey's F-16s getting into the action

October 27th, 2007  

Topic: Turkey's F-16s getting into the action

I didn't know Turkish F-16s were getting into the action along the border I thought it was all ground pounding?

Several F-16 warplanes loaded with bombs and attack helicopters took off from an air base in south-eastern city of Diyarbakir, an Associated Press cameraman reported.
They bombed mountain paths used by rebels to cross from Iraq into Turkey, Anatolia said.

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November 1st, 2007  
Yeah the mountains inside of Turkey is being bombed for now. But in a near future the targets in northern Iraq will be bombed.
November 1st, 2007  
I hope Turkey will show restraint in this matter. For while I understand Turkish concerns over PKK activities the Kurds are our best allies in Iraq.
November 1st, 2007  
Who was your ally in Korea, in Afghanistan, in Bosnia in Cold War Era. Which country was about to be invaded because of your Jupiter missiles. Do not forget your 70 million populated ally to a 15 million population.
November 1st, 2007  
Not forgetting, just sucks to see friends fight ya know?
November 1st, 2007  
A Can of Man
Really really sucks.
November 2nd, 2007  
If they were not supporting terrorists, that would not be happened.
November 3rd, 2007  
Well, the Kurdish rebels are really doing their people no favors. Prior to all this mess, any mention of a "Kurdish Nation" was met by immediate hostility by Turkey (among others.) Previously, the world at large viewed this as Turkey being unreasonable and prejudiced against the Kurds.

The actions Kurdish rebels, and especially their use of Iraq as a staging ground for opperations, have essentially proven Turkey right. I doubt that was their intention of course, but the Kurdish rebels may have doomed their people to having absolutely no hope for a nation to call their own.

The whole situation puts the USA in a particularly awkward situation. Turkey is probably the best ally the USA has in the Middle East and they've proven themselves over and over again for decades. But as we're occupying Iraq and acting largely as it's military defense force ... what happens if the Kurdish/Turkish hostilities really get going? What if it escalates to full-scale war between all of Iraq and all of Turkey? What a recipe for disaster that is!!

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