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Turkey now in the war
October 10th, 2014  
Turkey now in the war
Originally Posted by tetvet
B-52 attacks are only good on stationary targets the B-52 is not a tactical air craft any way you slice it boots a lot of boots on the ground is the only option but not a solution .
With AWAK's radar we map out all they hardware and blow it away using tactical strikes from jets and cruise missiles. Then we let the major ISIS encampments have it full scale wit the B-52's. This will not eliminate ISIS but it will cripple them removing their ability to conduct conventional warfare, decimating the organization.

Ground forces would likely be needed to root out the remnants. Together between massive air strikes and a well trained ground presence. I believe ISIS could be eliminated. They are not the caliber of our troops if we were to cleanup the dirtbags.
October 11th, 2014  
Originally Posted by Remington 1858
I would think that Washington would have learned it's lesson in Iraq. Better the devil you know.
Guess not, re Libya.

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