The Tsunami Conspiracy: Mother Nature not to blame...

The Tsunami Conspiracy: Mother Nature not to blame...
January 7th, 2005  
The Tsunami Conspiracy: Mother Nature not to blame...
well it was mentioned in another thread about how long it would take for a conspiracy theory....12 days

Mother Nature not to blame for Tsunami disaster
1/6/2005 7:33:00 PM GMT
Just what did cause the Tsunami catastrophe? For many, the finger of blame doesn't point squarely at Mother Nature but at government cover-ups, top secret military testing in the waters of the Indian Ocean and even aliens attempting to correct Earth's 'wobbly' rotation.

The questions being asked inadvertently refer to the 'slow' response of governments.
One conspiracy theorist believes there's more to this than meets the eye. Why would the U.S. send a warship? Why would a senior commander who was previously posted in Iraq be on his way to South East Asia? The lack of previous seismic activity being recorded is also seen as proof of a major cover-up going on.

The Indian and U.S. military are seen by many as the main cause of the disaster by testing eco-weapons which use electromagnetic waves thus triggering off earthquakes. Other figures of blame range from the Australian to the Thai governments for deliberately failing to respond to warning of the impending earthquake which caused the tsunamis.

Scientists however have dismissed all the theories saying the earthquake and tsunamis were nothing but a natural disaster.

According to Dr. Bart Bautisda, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology's chief science research specialist categorically rejects any claim of foul play having been the reason behind the disaster.

The notion that the testing of an 'eco-weapon' could be the cause of an earthquake or tsunamis was dismissed. "You would need a very huge amount of energy. It's impossible. A billion tonnes could not do it," he states.

However, he admits that wave activity might be triggered very close to the scene of a giant explosion, but the effect would only be a tiny fraction of the tsunamis which hit the Asian coastline at the speed of a jet after tectonic plates shifted off Sumatra.

"It's possible to cause vibration, but not sufficient to cause disruption," he said. "We can tell the difference between an artificial explosion and an earthquake. The mechanisms are different."

But scientific evidence doesn't cut with conspiracy theorists. The internet is abuzz with speculation and hypothesis about what really caused the tsunamis. An article published on the Free Internet Press states that the American military and State Department had received advance warning but did little or nothing to warn the Asian countries.

The American Navy base situated in the Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia was allegedly alerted and escaped unscathed from the devastating effects of the tsunamis.
January 7th, 2005  
This is sick "accusations" in my humble opinion, there is alot of things that ppl can blame different gov for - but this is totaly F.U.B.A.R .

A desperate attempt to make ppl moving even further from each other. Sometimes I am glad that our media is as paralysed as it is.

I bet that ppl like Dr. Joseph Goebbels would have used this in WW2 as another excuse

Time for work:
January 7th, 2005  
Well, there seems to be a strong trend in the world these days: If anything ever goes wrong, its the direct result of a giant conspiracy involving the USA or China or somebody else big working in conjuction with space aliens, the Loch Ness Monster, Satan, several conspiring dragons or gnomes. The mastermind of it all is a gas station attendant in Australia name Fred (who secretly rules the world).

Fear Fred!!
The Tsunami Conspiracy: Mother Nature not to blame...
January 7th, 2005  
bugger, you found me out
well, it seems this will be my last post, as you have alerted the authoritied to my *ahem* activities

interesting convo you guys r having, keep it up!!
January 7th, 2005  
another story i thought was interesting;

First icebergs in NZ waters for 57 years
06 January 2005

If you've got a sinking feeling about summer here's more proof - icebergs have been spotted in New Zealand waters for the first time since 1948.

The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) said today clusters of icebergs had been seen in the Southern Ocean east of Campbell Island, 700km southeast of the South Island.

NIWA scientist Dr Lionel Carter said 15 icebergs, some up to 3km wide, were recorded in a single sighting just before Christmas.

"In 30 years of working for NIWA, this is the first time I have recorded sightings of icebergs in New Zealand waters," he told NZPA.

Previous reportings were in the 1890s, early 1920s, 1930s and in 1948.

In 1892 icebergs were reported as far north as Chatham Rise and in 1931 near Dunedin.

NIWA warned the icebergs would be a hazard to all shipping, including yachts participating in the Vendeeglobe race where sailors are racing solo, non-stop around the world.

A solo sailor had hit one of the icebergs just before Christmas, but the boat sustained only minor damage, Dr Carter said.

Dr Carter said the icebergs may have been generated by large break-ups of the vast ice shelves in the Ross Sea and Weddel Sea in recent years.

Cloudy conditions had prevented satellite tracking and recording of the icebergs and NIWA had relied on visual confirmation. The icebergs were expected to drift away towards South America.

There was a gap in official records, but he believed it was the first time icebergs had been recorded since 1948.

The icebergs were much bigger. They were melting as they drifted further away from Antarctica and into warmer waters - that's anything over about 8degC.

"But if a strong southerly picks up they will drift towards (the) Chatham Islands area," Dr Carter said.

He said it was too soon to blame this flotilla of ice on global warming.

However, the coincidence of large collapses of the Antarctic ice shelves with a rapidly changing climate could not be dismissed, which was why considerable effort was going into identifying the causes of ice shelf collapse and its downstream effects on global ocean and climate.

"The presence of the icebergs shows how intimately we are tied to Antarctica," Dr Carter said.

The most northerly iceberg was seen 240km southwest of Antipodes Island, 1030km southeast of Port Chalmers.

The Vendeeglobe website warned its solo yachties today with reports of more iceberg sightings.

NIWA has provided advice to the Rescue Coordination Centre New Zealand which would provide assistance to solo sailors if there was a major collision with an iceberg.,2106,3148900a10,00.html
January 10th, 2005  
A Can of Man
I always did fear that people would say that the tsunami was triggered by a nuke or something or whatnot. However, I've already learned about this... after all it was a part of my major. The signature of a nuke or a large bomb going off reads differently from seizmographs than a natural disaster's earthquake. This means that if indeed a nuke or a large bomb triggered the earthquake, the sensors would have picked it up intantly.
I'm not exactly sure what the difference was but they do look different and because the experts have tracked so many explosions in the past, they can easily tell the difference.
The accusation is just a bunch of people taking advantage of people's lack of knowledge on this matter.
January 10th, 2005  

Topic: ha ha ha ha


January 10th, 2005  
Italian Guy
Yeah, I had some neighbors coming up the other day with "Hey did you hear the americans knew it all and did nothing to prevent it"? Yeah, sure, dude
January 11th, 2005  
A Can of Man
And no, you cannot predict the quakes either. There's no small, "prequake" rumble or anything that comes early enough to get people out of places. You just get the full shebang when it happens. Then you'll get aftershocks.
You can't detect it.
You can't prevent it.
You just know the areas where these things are likely to happen and they had done so, hence the ring of fire where there is significant volcanic and tectonic activity (often they go together anyways).
There's no damn conspiracy.
January 11th, 2005  
Charge 7
Yep, it was us and we're keeping Hitler's brain alive in a bucket too.