tsgli claim - has anyone filed and won a tsgli claim

September 7th, 2011  

Topic: tsgli claim - has anyone filed and won a tsgli claim

Just aggressive how many of you filed a claim for TSGLI and absolutely won after accepting to appeal? If so, what kind of docs did you add with your claim in abutment to admonition win the claim? If you activated but got denied again reapplied what acknowledging docs did you add and what was the verdict? Has anyone acclimated a advocate to administer for this? Sorry Iíve so abounding questions but I am accepting accessible to book a claim and would aloof like any tips or admonition if anyone is accommodating to share. I apperceive that I authorize based on the TBI and ADLs, it's aloof activity to booty me a while to get acknowledging advice because one of my dr offices was shut bottomward and I can't get those medical annal from back I aboriginal alternate from service. I am additionally still apprehension after-effects to affirm my absolute TBI screen. Thanks in beforehand to anyone who would be accommodating to help a adolescent vet and share some insight. God knows I charge it appropriate now.