TRY Bothers in Arms

March 18th, 2005  

Topic: TRY Bothers in Arms

Very Realistic Shooter game
March 19th, 2005  
how is this game working , i have seen a lot of claims to do this and do that ,how does it work now you have played it?
March 21st, 2005  
Whispering Death
There are some serious issues with BinA. It is an okay game but not better than Call of Duty by a longshot.

PC technical issues too, there have been people who'se DVD burners have been literally destroyed by the copy protection on the install disk.
March 30th, 2005  

Topic: Well...

I played Call of Duty. Brothers in Arms are more squad based game. And it is really hard if you turn Hair-cross off like in real life. It can get frustrated because Toomy guns jump alot when you shoot, and the 20-bullet magazine does run dry really quick. Very nice game if you get more realism.

Call of duty is likr a single person shooter but with help of some AI toons, cool but lack realism.