Trump returns to New York, amid rumors of campaign turmoil

April 7th, 2016  
News Manager

Topic: Trump returns to New York, amid rumors of campaign turmoil

A day after losing Wisconsin’s Republican presidential primary, Donald Trump brought his insurgent campaign to New York Wednesday night, kicking off a bid to win his home state primary with a massive rally that harkened back to the early days of his unlikely presidential effort. “It’s great to be home,” Trump declared in a massive movie-studio soundstage in the heart of Long Island that was packed with at least 10,000 people — one of his biggest rallies in more than a month. Trump was referring to his campaign line of making America great again, but the line also could have applied to his campaign, which seemed mired in turmoil Wednesday, amid reports of staff infighting as the real estate mogul strives to win the 1,237 delegates needed to stave off a contested convention this July.


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