Troops killed in Puma Iraq crash were SAS

November 22nd, 2007  

Topic: Troops killed in Puma Iraq crash were SAS

Troops killed in Puma Iraq crash were SAS

By Matthew Moore, Sally Peck and agencies
Last Updated: 2:37am GMT 22/11/2007

Two British servicemen who died when their helicopter crashed near Baghdad last night were members of the SAS, it has emerged.
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Two other British military personnel and ten others were seriously injured when the RAF Puma came down southeast of the Iraqi capital.

The RAF has 33 Pumas, which fly at up to 147 knots and can transport 16 fully-equipped troopsA Board of Inquiry has been set up to investigate the incident, but initial evidence suggests the transport helicopter had not come under fire.

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November 22nd, 2007  
Del Boy

Please note, guys, that whatever aspersations have been cast on the forum by those who shall be nameless, your British allies are still fighting and dying in Iraq. RIP.

Our news agencies report that our armed forces chiefs, led by Field Marshall Bramhall, have lost faith in gordon Brown, prime minister. They say he was the worst chancellor we have had, as far as the military and the Defence Ministry were concerned, and now the troops are reaping what he sowed. Decent equipment, but not enough and lack of spare parts.

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