Tribute to all with military friends and family

November 28th, 2012  

Topic: Tribute to all with military friends and family

Hello everyone, I'm Jon (Fmr: National Guard 1992-1998).

I think about the friends I made in the guard pretty often. Especially during the holidays, I wonder if any of them are still serving. My heart goes out to every family or friend who has a loved one serving overseas. This year, I wanted to pay tribute to the bravery bestowed by our proud soldiers and the loved ones who support them, especially during the holidays so I posted a song on YouTube that my friends and I produced. It's called Daddy's Christmas Girl and I hope it inspires your family this holiday season. You can see it here- [ame=""]2012's Most Touching Video - Daddy's Christmas Girl Revised - Top Youtube Christmas Songs - YouTube[/ame] -please share it with all of your friends! Best wishes and Happy Holidays!

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