Traffic Officer goes for a bath!!

September 28th, 2004  

Topic: Traffic Officer goes for a bath!!

Whilst on exercise with 3Div HQ somewhere on the plain, I noticed a dangerous looking hole filled with water (it was in fact, an open manhole but looked like an innocent puddle). I reported the 'puddle' to the SQMS whose tents were adjacent. He told me to cordon it off. 'Bugger That!' I thought, 'I've got better things to do'. I went off to do battle with the cam nets against the wind.

About an hour or two later, I was summoned to see the Sergeant Major. I looked for and eventually found the SSM and he called me over to him. Stood next to my Sergeant Major was a rather bedraggled Traffic Officer, Captain Somebodyorother. The SSM asked me to recall the events of the day and, in particular, a certain hole. It seemed that this Officer had found it too and fell into the 'puddle' and was soaked upto his chest (rather like the proverbial Dr from Gloucester).

I apologised to the officer stating that as I had been rather busy, the hole had slipped my mind. The officer accepted my apologies and left to get some dry kit on. As soon has he had left the SSM leant over and whispered 'Couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke!' I went back to my det chuckling to myself.
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