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December 23rd, 2004  
Originally Posted by DarkSmari
as for the prisioners, they deserve it for not serving their country to the fullest gratitude.

as for the deaths, any army would do so.
Arse. B4 a victim was killed Japanese tried many kinds of evil way to threat them. Japanese atrocities in WWII can be said as the most PERVERT, VIOLENT, BEAST-ACT, HORROR, CURSED in the human history.

Nanjing massacre is the most horrible massacre in the history, not only the numbers of victims were large but also the way Japanese handled it.

U will not say so when others got u and do them same thing like ur grandpa did in the past.

Originally Posted by DarkSmari

THe us army does worse, we japanese do less, all japanese believe that

Today the media world is so high tech and advance.A little small bad acts by USA can be revealed obviously and largely.

Using todays media power in the WW II. I can tell u Japanese atrocities can be discovered even much. I belive it's Millions times more (Serious describe).

U Japanese believe that because u guyz did not get educated the truth. Nanjing massacre, Comfort women, Biochem weapon testing, experiments over civilians. All those things were censored in the history text book. And without any shame u guyz said u are Heroes in world war II in helping Asian people. How cunning u Japanese r!

I think one day someone much launch invasion over u guyz. Then u will know why we r so angry about u Japanese acts today.
December 26th, 2004  
when is the pin being pulled on this topic???
January 8th, 2010  

Topic: Remember the victims

We must always remember the victims of Nanjing, Batan, etc. The best way to do that is to not buy japanese cars. Why financially reward that culture for all the horror it inflicted on innocent non combatants. We have in essence allowed japan to escape responsibility for its act. They should suffer for a thousand centuries for what they did.

the same fate should be dealt to the anti-semitic europeans who slaughtered so many Judaic people. Don't buy german cars. Let them scrounge around in caves for a thousand centuries for what they did.

this excuse that the vehicles are somehow better is just nonsense.
We must always ask ourselves an ethical question when tempted to buy a japanese or german vehicle. Just think of all the innocent lives exterminated by the japanese and germans.

In essence there were two holocausts during the second world war, one Judaic and one Chinese. We must recognize that. And actually, what befell on the native americans at the hands of the selfish european explorers and settlers constitutes a holocaust.
January 18th, 2010  
Not long after WW2 I started to work for a huge firm in London and they had quite a few men working for them who had been prisoners of the Japanese, and not one manged to work to his retirement age before they where struck down from illness no doubt from their years in captivity.
One chap I knew was being marched to a death camp to be killed if any allied soldier set foot on Japanese soil, and they had just got a few miles outside Hiroshima when the Atom bomb went off, and he said a few prayer praising the bomb every day.
Now I have met may Japanese people and most of them I like, but they still say that WW2 and what happened was every one else's fault bar theirs. Germany on the other hand admit what was done in their name was wrong and all though they can't change it are still ashamed that it could have happened. This is the main difference between the two countries
January 19th, 2010  
Agree with your impression of the japanese not having a conscience about what they did. This is why I feel we must send them a message that all is not forgotten. How can we best do that----through their pocketbook. As for the continental europeans, I still think they need to own up much more for what happened, but like you stated they have made effort.

Every year on 4 July I try to do something to remember the war. I met a couple of swabies on the Intrepid (its a museum now on the west side of the big apple) who served on her during the war. They were stationed (volunteers) on the bridge and their feelings are basically how I feel. Even after all these years they wouldn't buy a japanese car and so I am positively reinforced with these encounters but your experiences right after the war are extremely interesting and I thank you for sharing them with me. All the best.
January 20th, 2010  
Japanese persons who turned 18 years of age on the last day of the war against Japan are now 83 years of age. Anyone who could possibly have had any input into Japan's colonial ambitions would be nearly 90.

It's thinking like this that shows exactly how the lunatic fringe think.

I think that it is time people stopped living in the past and got on with making the world a better place, otherwise we will end up like the ongoing hatred between the Serbs and the Croatians, which effectively stops their countries from developing to their full potential.

We must right the wrongs that can still be addressed, and do all that we can to stop ongoing wrongs. There is no sense in fretting over things that we can no longer do anything about.

Some people just thrive on hatred, and then they have the gall to say they want peace. Weird,.....
January 20th, 2010  
It'a amusing in a way to see a Pearl Harbor Survivor plate on a Toyota.
January 20th, 2010  
Boycott Japan then, it would probably send Asia into a depression and effect the rest of the world quite a lot.
February 4th, 2010  
Hello, I am a new member to this forum but I am passionate about WWII history and especially about where atrocities are involved. As if war in itself wasnt an atorcity. But I digress...... I have recently read the NY Bestseller by Ira Chang, "The Rape of Nanking" and was educated as to the facts. Albeit the authoress is the daughter of parents who survived this travesty. Apparently, Nanking was not unique to this treatment by the Japanese army. Hundreds of towns and villages between the coast and the capital received the same treatment, however, their names were long and probably unpronouncable, and their occupations mere weeks compared to the months that Nanking was ground underneath the Japanese army's Imperialist boot.
February 4th, 2010  
Id like to review a few facts, and forgive me if I am repeating those already stated.... the general of the Japanese army that landed and invaded China was not the same man who masterminded the occupation of Nanking. This man was Prince Asaka, relative of Emperor Hirohito. This man was disgraced in an earlier incident that escapes me now but he begged the Emperor to put him in charge of conquering the then capitol of China in order to "save face." Nanking at this time was the cultural and historical center of China and the degradation and torture of the populace were figured to be instrumental victories for the Japanese army. This man marched the invading army and authorized the full scale genocide of the Chinese populace. Several weeks into the occupation after most of the direct violence was over, the original general in charge of the army was photographed on horseback reviewing troops in the city. The prosecution used these photos to help a war crimes tribunal sentence him to death even though there was no direct evidence linking him to the "plunder and rape" orders tolerated by Asaka.