Top Ten NASA Excuses

Top Ten NASA Excuses
July 30th, 2008  
Team Infidel

Topic: Top Ten NASA Excuses

Top Ten NASA Excuses
Top Ten NASA Excuses

Didn't think it was a big deal

We would like to visit these aliens but gas is so damn expensive

Too much Tang

Been sort of preoccupied with this giant asteroid that's headed toward Earth

We were waiting to reveal it on a very special episode of "The Tyra Banks Show"

Hey chillax, bro

No number 4 -- writer abducted by aliens

Too upset to talk after what happened to Pluto

Busy trying to confirm evidence of A-Rod/Madonna sex video

Our leader isn't as bright as their leader
July 30th, 2008  
It's also cool how any time they lose folks in a blow up they always advertise:
July 30th, 2008  
Top Ten NASA Excuses
March 12th, 2009  

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