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March 29th, 2012  
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The rivets used in Titanic and Olympic were what they called number 3 graded "best" rivets and not number 4 "best best" rivets that should have been used.

Theories about shoddy rivets popping prematurely after the ship struck an iceberg have been around for years; officials at Harland & Wolff have consistently dismissed them.

But this time the authors, both metallurgists, say they have found fresh evidence from archives in London and from the shipyard as well as from analysing rivets from the wreck.
White Star line was in a bitter business competition for North Atlantic Routes with rivals like Cunard Line, it took over 2 years of long work hours and a 6 day a week schedule with almost no breaks, for the 3,000 yard workers to build her as fast as possible.

Titanic was meant to be a business asset, anything at the time that could increase it's reputation as the grandest, most luxorious way to travel would boost revenue from customer interest in sailing with White Star. From cutting ahead of scedule with second grade materials (in small amounts) and metals (some rivets) to steaming too fast in iceberg prone waters, many notions were passed forward to practice on the Construction and sailing of the Titanic, at the moment it was deemed all in favor of "good business".

Keep in the mind that during this time, major changes in the labor conduct and movements for better industry conditions for workers was happening all throughout the Western world, not just in the shipbuilding industry.

So the way White Star treated the pacing in the Construction and maiden voyage such as the recommending of Captain Smith to not slow down with iceberge warnings issued for their waters, was not to uncommon for business practice in big industry then.

Many other liners went down to the bottom of the sea during this time as well from a vareity of reasons, some even close to reaching Titanic's death toll, such as the Empress of Ireland, with over 1,000 passengers lost in that tragedy.

These things happened at sea during this time more than history seems to admit, another instance is the fate of the RMS Carpathia, the ship that rescued the Titanic survivors in the North Atlantic on the morning of April 15th, would be torpedoed by a German U Boat in WW l.
March 30th, 2012  
Del Boy
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Very nice piece of writing.

I'm planning to travel to the US by ship next year or in two years. Only the Queen Mary 2 sailes to New York. Two times a year. I'll take the trip in the first half of the year, because in the second half the Atlantic is very rough. I get seasick the moment I set foot on a ship.

The reason I want to go by ship is because I want to be on deck when the ship enters the harbor of New York. I will have approx the same view as the many immigrants had 100 years ago. If my information is right, they still follow the same route to the harbor of New York.
As a boy, I spent some time sailing the oceans. Every new trip I started, I became terribly sick for about 4 days; after that I was fine, however rough the seas or howling the weather. If we spent a couple of months in foreign ports , I had no problems setting off again for the trip home. But at home as soon as I kicked off on the next trip the sickness arrived again.

I believe that Nelson had the same problem.

Secondly, arriving in New York - Statin Island, Governor's Island, Statue of Liberty - etc.etc. I had that dream, as you have. And one day I did it, lived my dream. And you know what- it was wonderful, glorious. New York, New York, bring it on! I hope you do it and live a dream. And once you have done it, no-one can ever take it away from you.

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