Three Terror Suspects Arrested in Norway

Three Terror Suspects Arrested in Norway
July 8th, 2010  

Topic: Three Terror Suspects Arrested in Norway

Three Terror Suspects Arrested in Norway
I really hope this is an eye opener for certain members of our Government....

Terror suspects arrested in Norway and Germany

(CNN) -- Norwegian authorities announced the arrests of three suspects Thursday in connection with an ongoing investigation into terrorist plots in New York and the United Kingdom.

Their apprehension was made possible through international cooperation, including information from U.S. authorities, they said.
The suspects had been under surveillance for several months, the Norwegian authorities said.

The three are suspected of plotting terrorist attacks and having connections to al Qaeda, the Norwegian prime minister's office said earlier.
All three of the suspects are in their 30s and of foreign descent, the Norwegian Police Security Service said. One is a Norwegian citizen and the other two are permanent residents.
July 9th, 2010  
it is a good thing they caught them, hey...

hmmm i wonder how hard it is to remain unnoticed when you have some one under surveillance for one whole year.
July 16th, 2010  
Originally Posted by Redleg
Good work by all the norwegian security forces.
Three Terror Suspects Arrested in Norway
July 16th, 2010  
A Can of Man
Nice work!
July 28th, 2010  
It's good to see positive results of everyone doing their part in the war against terror, seems like the original intent of an combined international effort to combat terror is still very much alive....thankfully!
August 2nd, 2010  
Great int'l effort with good positive results.

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