Three Engineer Battalion mottos

July 26th, 2005  

Topic: Three Engineer Battalion mottos

The motto of the 91st Engineer Battalion (Combat) is "Acts not Words".

The colors for the 577th Engineer Battalion (Construction) are red and white. Red and White are the regimental colors of the Engineers, the gear and shovel represent the two primary missions the 577th has, the shovel signifies the engineer mission, and the gear the maintenance mission. It's motto is Iron Soldiers and the Latin Inscription reads "AGENDO NAGVITIER" WHICH MEANS " TO DO WITH DILIGENCE".

The motto of the 589th Engineer Battalion (Construction) is "Mountain Movers".

These are each of the Units that I served in during the sixties the last two in VietNam.
July 26th, 2005  
nice ones, thanks..

I'll try to remember to add them to the site later as well..