Thoughts on a ISC carrier?

June 4th, 2007  

Topic: Thoughts on a ISC carrier?

Although I don't know if their are any plans for one, and am not trying to make it sound like I am all of a sudden a military expert (not by a Long shot). My name is not Tom Clancy , so forgive me if I misunderstand any bit of information.

But, on with it. After seeing what happened in August of 06. With the attacks on Israeli military personnel, and the kidnappings, that could have led to a much broader retaliation from Israeli forces than what had happened. I began to wonder on this topic for some time. Knowing that the main players today in carrier warfare, are the United States Navy, with its super carriers, and the United Kingdom, with its STVOL carrier class. And the French flagship Charles de Gaulle. Are the best along with Spanish and a handful of other nation's sporting top of the line carriers.

Knowing that Israeli forces are always expecting a worst case scenario of a multiple front attack, and that they can launch land and air coordinated attacks, very efficiently. I was wondering, what if the ISC had a carrier? Not a super carrier like the CVN 21 class, but a smaller support carrier, with aircraft like the F 35C or B models. Or of French made Rafale M fighters? Would that be a good assent to the IDF?

I mean what do you guys think on this (what if) topic? I think it would be a good idea, a carrier with about 30, or 35 combat aircraft, ready to fly air cover, or air superiority missions, in the event of a conventional military attack, or non conventional, anti insurgency attack. After seeing professionalism in the Israeli Army,Air Force, and Sea Corps for decades now, I think it would help out tremendously.

But, I know that carriers, are not , well, cheap....And a fine tuned class may takes years to design, giving regional Admiralties time to asses this new ship's capabilities.

Still, any think its a good Idea?


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