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October 29th, 2007  
Every unit is different. Every retired soldier is different. At my high school, the program was run by 3 VERY different men. There were three guys in charge - 2 first sergeants and a colonel. They were all freaking awesome. I wasn't in the battalion, but they let me become an "honorary member" who somehow got drug into road marches, but experienced wonderful benefits with rappelling. The JROTC was always busy going to the mountains, Florida for Scuba, competitions for the drill team, Raiders, rifle team, and color guard, and visiting army bases for training and tours.

Try to get into a similar organization in your area if this one isn't satisfying. Give ROTC a try. If you are interested in the military, being in the ROTC will provide serious benefits.

Stick through it!
October 29th, 2007  
I guess I'll give a bit of a Canadian spin on this.

A few of the senior CIC (Cadet Instructors Cadre) Officers that I've met during my time in Air Cadets were retired CF members, some recent, some years back. They usually have a lot to offer, but it all depends on the person.

It's a guarantee that you'll meet some that just don't care anymore, but from my experience, this is few and far between. Most of the time, you'll have one that cares about passing on their knowledge and experience to the younger generation, and try to give the kids some insight of the world around them. If you get one of these guys, make sure you listen to them as they're a valuable source of information. If you've got some spare time, take a moment to sit down and chat with some of them too, as I'm sure they've got plenty more to say than just when they're instructing.

As others have said, it's pretty much a hit or miss situation when it comes to getting a good guy. Just stick with it. When you get as much as you can out of it, JROTC can be a valuable experience.
November 4th, 2007  
Like every one else in this world some will be good at what they do and others are a waste of space. Have you ever tried marching up to him and telling him just what you think of him and his attitude.
November 5th, 2007  
Look at it this way, the variability in your JROTC instructors will probably be very close to the same as you will experience once you join the full fledged military. It's a great experience and allows you to see life a it is,... and will continue to be both in the forces and out.

To be able to judge, and handle others is a valuable life skill, make the most of it. Learn from it and try to emulate those you admire, don't waste your time bitching about the "drop kicks" you'll end up a better person.
January 22nd, 2009  
Something good to remember is they might be hard on you but maybe its because they know you can do better and can meet those expectations. Also even if a coach seems mean he might be a really nice person you just got to know them like i did with my senior instructor hes awesome
January 26th, 2009  
Cdt Matteo
You know in life you are going to be given bad apples and good ones. I'm telling, suck it up with the bad ones, and learn to love them. With the good apples, get as much info as you can, learn as much as you can. It's all about attititude.

My CIC officers are great, some more than others, with the ones I get along with great I do more with, the ones I don't I do less with, but I give them the same respect. Change your attitude and your situation may change on you.
February 2nd, 2009  
Another thing to add is even if the instructors aren't doing they job.. "STEP IT UP MAKE IT HAPPEN" thats what we say. Do it yourself take the initiative if you don't like how things are ran then get your command group and yourself to change it. Because instructors may have the say but the cadets are the one who do the action.
July 24th, 2009  
im in mjrotc and its ran by former marines one is a gunnery seargant and the other is a major... i think it gives a realler feel
April 17th, 2012  
We have a HMC (CorpsMan Cheif Petty Officer) Reservest, that teaches us he is the coolest guy youd ever meet and he takes us all over the base ive met Captians, Adimrals, Senior, Master Cheifs beacuse of him. ''Its him, not the military''
April 17th, 2012  
The retired soldiers have a lot to offer, and like active duty, you aren't going to like them all.

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