Do you think I could work for a PMC?

Do you think I could work for a PMC?
June 24th, 2018  

Topic: Do you think I could work for a PMC?

Do you think I could work for a PMC?
Hey guys, I know you probably get asked this by morons all the time but I'd really like to know the details about being a private contractor. I know very little about them, rule wise. I've always wanted to be in the military, and so my whole life I've collected various guns and taught myself to be a pretty decent marksman with a long rifle. I know how to field strip and clean various guns. I have some decent medical knowledge (gave myself stiches earlier today) and i have personally been the first person to accident scenes several times (I always end up cutting the seat belt and pulling em out).
Now you're gonna ask why I can't just join the military. Well it's complicated. One, I'm on perscriptions. And two I have a minor criminal record from a shitty misspent youth, and I did some jail time as well. Since I got out, I've been in some of the shittiest craziest situations imaginable, as I've been low on money and I have to live in a shitty neighborhood cuz it's all I can afford. I'm proficient with a Ka-bar. I have an extensive knowledge of gangs, drug rings, dealers, how they act, I can identify drugs or labs quickly and also blend if nessisary. It just seems like I'm getting shot at every couple of weeks and I figure after the 4th time of getting away in one piece that month I thought that I should at least get paid for this.
And no, I'm not currently conducting any criminal activities. It's been several years since my last arrest and it was a DUI.
I'm also pretty much a loner, i got nothin really worth sticking around d for. The money's attractive. So what do you guys think?

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