Things the Milforum does right,

February 21st, 2011  

Topic: Things the Milforum does right,

I am not expecting a full fledged responce but, after a few years here, I finally gaged the Milforum and the other forums (quite a few) I have been on.

And here are a few tid bits of things that this place aces,

*Well managed spam control, well above par, nothing can ruin a visit to a forum where the spam canons have redecorated the place with a side effect of consumerism.

*I have to say, the filters here are awesome! I have been on forums before where just the ease spam bots throw links to neo nazi racist sites, to pornograpic advertisments, when you are talking about a serious debate on eastern airframe production, and link or advertisment such as that is displayed, your faith in the place dwindles very quickly, it's enough to make a kitten cry,kudos again to the Milforum.

*The handling of ruff housers, I will admit here my actions have crossed into the realm of breaking a rule or to, but being able to check yourself to avoid doing it again shows a certain maturity about this place.

*The old gaurd of members here, yes the legends here, the founding and early members, if they read this you know who you are, the ones who show maturity and don't muck the place up with nonsense, if it wasn't for your opinions and outlook I would have let this site sink to the bottom of my weblist a long time ago, being as the only forum I have ever returned to, it's members like you that make this place what it is.

*Lastly the staff, finally a staff that is in commuication and does not require you to question if they are human, or once were and are now cyborgs who are merely plugged into a server in a air conditioned room somewhere.....on the dark side of the moon....of Jupiter...

*Lastly the way problem members are taken care of, this is one of the most important things, all it take is one pervert or neo racists to scream about lnyching or spew innapropriate garbage while the cyborg staff from outerspace does nothing, to ruin a completey good way for me to spend time doing nothing, which is important!

Seriously however, the way that those people are processed does help keep this place a good place to have debate on a myriad of topics, I have been on places where those trouble makers were allowed to run amok like a fire hose wielding child in a cake factory, killing any intelectual vibe before you even got done picking icing out of your teeth.

So overall? The Milforum is well above par, in fact, I think this place does many other things well, but seeing as I covered the main points already, I will retire and say this place is utterly well managed and very well run.

If anybody has anything else you wish to add just throw it up, if not let this be a user testimate at least to float around for newer members to aquire confidence through hopfully.

February 22nd, 2011  
As a forum manager myself I can appreciate the time and effort put into spam prevention here, good job!

February 22nd, 2011  
Yes true very true, and I don't regrett that either!

And Atasas how bout one for the road?
February 22nd, 2011  
It's good to see that we're at least doing something right here...

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