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April 7th, 2005  
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...and then proceeded to let him go nuts on the booze.

I don't see how the Command "let" him go nuts. He did that on his own. To blame the Military every time a solider has a problem or commits a violation of their own accord removes the responsibilty from the troops.
re read... when he joined the army (NZ army charge! lol) was aware of his past convictions for drunk & disorderly (at least two of them). now it's resonable hard to get a D&D conviction here...we have a culture of he would've probably assualted someone or broke property. i would of thought that when he was place into a unit at least his sergeant would've been made away esp when he continued his hard drinking shenanigans.

of course the don't try and keep people out of the army because of some of the more minor convictions, BUT they did know that this particular guy could have some drinking issues.

so, this soldier been held personally responsible...has now been court martialed...what jobs are waiting for him now? not alot is my guess! a better solution would've been to keep an eye on him early.

as for fire watches...i don't think we've ever had them...prolly similar to the UK army