There'a gotta be a kinder and gentler way.

July 29th, 2005  

Topic: There'a gotta be a kinder and gentler way.

First of all, if we are posting a new thread that has been covered here and it's like 50,000 pages back I can understand how folks might not want to search and just start posting the new thread. Wouldn't it be easier to just have it so that if it's something similar that the comp just don't allow us to post it or what's really the big deal with having another one there if the old one is far in the forum history and most likely with different members there to post in it? Sometimes, it appears that it would just be easier to not post because everything we do new is most likely going to get us jumped on for it being done before. Or maybe have a page not pages, with topics or subjects that have been covered and not to be started a new here. I come here to participate, not look at all of the old stuff. Looking at old stuff don't earn us milbucks. Maybe if we earned milbucks for doing so it would be more worthwhile for doing it. Just a suggestion.

#2. If a thread is moved, wouldn't it better to also post where the thread was moved to? Sometimes, it can be a little frustrating here, not trying to be a problem just trying to participate and I think there is a nicer way to do the above two tasks. It seems that way to me anyway.
July 29th, 2005  

I partially agree with you
I'll think about it and see what I can do..


Most of the times a "moved" notice will be posted where the thread originally was.
Some examples a bit down this page:

But sometimes we can forget to add that "moved" thingy...