Is there a waiver for my problem?

August 11th, 2013  

Topic: Is there a waiver for my problem?

I was talking to a US Coast Guard Recruiter and he told me to fill out an application. On the application it asked if i was missing or have an undescended testicle. I was born without a testicle, which was never developed. It was never undescended because it never existed. The recruiter told me im dqed without a possible chance of waiver. He didnt even try to waiver.. I contacted an Army recruiter in Rockford IL and my recent one from Houston because thats my backup branch of service. I asked them about it and they both told me I should not have a problem as long as I have never had a problem with it since I was a baby. Which I havnt... I have played sports for pretty much every year of my life and not once has it affected me. The doctors have even told me the only thing it may affect is my reproduction which i dont plan on joining the military to reproduce? Someone please tell me if this is waiverable because i see it does say something about it in the dqs... although the Army recruiters told me I should be fine since I have never had a problem.

The rules for the Physical and Health say:
1.=Free of contagious diseases that would likely endanger the health of other personnel.
---- This is not contagious...
2.=Free of medical conditions or physical defects that would require excessive time lost from duty for necessary treatment or hospitalization or would likely result in separation from the Army for medical unfitness.
----This is a physical defect but does not have any problem that could occur. I was simply born without one testicle. It never developed. A person with 1 testicle undeveloped has a less chance of testicular cancer than a person with 2.
3.=Medically capable of satisfactorily completing required training.
---- I have ran in track, played basketball, and baseball for 7 years. Not once have i been incapable of any of the exercise.
4.=Medically adaptable to the military environment without the necessity of geographical area limitations.
---- Has nothing to do with the environment and geographical areas..
5.=Medically capable of performing duties without aggravation of existing physical defects or medical conditions.
----- Does not effect the way I perform any duties.. I work like anyone else in the world.
September 26th, 2013  
Ex-Army Grunt
If the recruiter will not even try to get you a waiver, it is a bad sign. Rules change from time to time, I would recommend you check with the recruiter as to why he refuses to try to help you further. I for example fail requirement number 4, and would have to wait years with almost zero chance of ever getting a waiver. The rules when I enlisted, however, were different and changed after I had been in training. What I went in with was suddenly grounds to get me discharged. You may need a doctor's letter to even have a small chance of things changing, I would not hold my breath for it. Have you considered private work, or perhaps getting into law enforcement?

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