Is there an official JROTC site?

February 17th, 2006  

Topic: Is there an official JROTC site?

I want to contact some one in the JROTC program for info, but i cant seem to find a good site. I tried, but i dont know if that is the "official" site of JROTC, correct me if im wrong.

Anyway, my school said that theyd be more than interested in a JROTC program, but i need to research and find out all about it.
February 18th, 2006  
You need to be more specific. What service are you interested in, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force or Army?

But I'll be nice and give them all (official DOD sites):


Marine Corps:

Air Force:


You asked nicely so I did your work for you, but next time, please use Google or another search engine to find web pages on your own with ease.