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Father 3 10.71%
Father,grand father 9 32.14%
garnd father 7 25.00%
grand grand father 0 0%
other(please specify) 9 32.14%
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Is there anybody(else)from your familly who was in army??
July 13th, 2004  
Is there anybody(else)from your familly who was in army??
Mother's Mother: Royal AF, WWII
that must be exciting,having a grandma that was ace pilot
July 29th, 2004  
silent driller
Maw and Paw were both in the army.
July 30th, 2004  
Step-grandfather, Larry, whose no longer with us, was a Combat Engineer, and he constructed the runways in the Phillipines and built the Army/Marine base in WWII.

I also know my great-uncle Eddie was a WWII mail deliver on a motorcycle in Europe and he just refuses to look at anything of that nature again. He was in the Canadian Army.

My father, who was in the Cav for two years during Vietnam, he was the machine gunner in the A1M1 (I think that's what he said) but he also loaded it and was the eyes.

My brother, he was a Trans. driver and now he's an office guy, I don't know what MOS that is but he was driving the CO but he kinda put the end to that. He was just promoted to the rank of Sgt., earlier this month.
Is there anybody(else)from your familly who was in army??
July 30th, 2004  
I've had relatives who fought in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, Civil War, WWI (on both sides), WWII (also on both sides), and Vietnam. My great great great great great great great great grandfather (that's 8 greats, I think it's 8, I'm not really sure about that) was the proprietor of Connecticut before the Revolutionary War. And I'm related to President James Garfield (just thought I'd throw that stuff in there).

I don't really know about the German side of my family (my dad's side). But I probably had some relatives in Germany's armies.
July 30th, 2004  
My father was a medic NCO in the Bundeswehr. My mother was a dental assisent in the military hospital, so that's were they met the first time.

One of my grandfathers (my mother's father) was wounded on the Eastern front, he got a shot through the neck.

My other grandpa was too young during WWII.

That's all i know...
August 6th, 2004  
grandpa on dads side - army infantry
grandpa on moms side - army MP
dad - army commo
brother - marine EOD
brother - army infantry
mom - head of womens auxiliary at VFW
6 cousins - army
2 cousins - air force
1 cousin - marine firefighter
not sure about aunts and uncles but in our family, if you havent served, your not carrying on the tradition. One ancestor of ours gave General George Washington $400,000 while he was at Valley Forge. He made wine.