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Father,grand father 9 32.14%
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other(please specify) 9 32.14%
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Is there anybody(else)from your familly who was in army??
May 14th, 2004  
Is there anybody(else)from your familly who was in army??
Try to post things only once people....
May 16th, 2004  
Well, I don't know about any of my family serving during wars (because of age, or lack thereof), but let's see here... My uncle Mike was in the Army, he was a Tanker in Germany for awhile, my Uncle Jeff was, but got kicked out cuz he's a pothead-bum type. I think that's it for Army. My brother and one of my cousins are in the Navy, my dad was in the Air Force, and my Uncle Ray was in the Marines. So that's all 4. Wow.
May 16th, 2004  
Mark Conley
Only three members of my extended family have been in the US Army: My grandfather, on my fathers side, who was a Military Policeman in WWI, My Grand father, on my moms side, who was a infantryman in WWII. and my Uncle on my fathers side, who started in the Tank Corps in WWII (untill he lost his tank on the Fort Sill Training grounds-go figure) transfered to medical corps, and retired from the USA as a full colonel.

As for me and my father...we went AF.
Is there anybody(else)from your familly who was in army??
May 23rd, 2004  
On my mothers side everyone were soldiers
July 9th, 2004  

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i had a great,great,great grandfather in the Civil War as a Calvary men,my Grandma was a 1st LT. in the army as a nurse in WW2,had a grandfather in the Korenwar i think he was in the Army-Air Force at the time,and my dad was a Marine in the Veitnam,he was anphibius and land assualt,he was a demolitons expert and after that he ran a shooting range he use to beable to hit a target from a 1000 yards away open sight he was a Sergeant Major when he got out
July 9th, 2004  
I had a few uncles fight in the Vietnam War and I have a cousin in Afghanistan right now, she might have moved though. And thats about it.
July 9th, 2004  
My father was in the Army and the Navy (vietnam)

HIS father was in the Army and the Air Force (I think he might have been in Korea)

My mom's father was in the Army.

Three uncles (One on dad's side, two on moms) were also in the Army...
July 10th, 2004  
My Grandpa was in the Army during the Korean War, what was ultimately the deciding factor whether I joined the Marines or the Army.
July 10th, 2004  
C/2nd Lt Robot
(Note: these are the ones i know about and also so far (hoping for the tradition to continue for generations))
My Dad (SAS, 12 yrs 227 days)
Uncle (Navy, 20 yrs)
Great Uncle on my moms side (Army, WWII)
His 2 brothers (one Army other i think Navy both served at least during WWII)
My dads Great Great Uncle (Machine Gun Corps WWI, Western Front)
Cousin by Marriage (Air Force about 12 or 13 yrs, returning Kuwait to fly C-130's in about a week or two)
Great Great Great Grand Father (Civil War, shot in the shoulder)
Great Great Great Uncle (Civil War also, wounded in Picketts Charge got shot in the chest. The bullet was never removed lived to tell about it )
Also two or three in the Revolutionary War on my moms side and a few for the Brits on my dads side. And i think at least one or two in the War of 1812.
I think we were spared for the Forgotten War and the 10,000 Day War.
July 13th, 2004  
Lil Hulk 1988

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Mother's Father: Royal Navy, WWII
Mother's Mother: Royal AF, WWII

Great Uncle: Army, Burma WWII
Many Uncles: Navy, Corps

Many were in the service, but the hardest hit was my Mom's family in England. Lost all males in the family in WWI except my Grandfather, then he as a pilot in the Royal Navy and fought the battle of Britain.