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February 24th, 2005  
i've been trying to find the screen capture of it here, but on one of our two nationwide news programmes someone altered the caption underneath Pres. Bush from "US President" to "Professional Facist"

i nearly fell of my chair laughing


found it~!

A graphic on an evening news broadcast identifying President Bush as a "professional fascist" has touched off confusion, apologies and an investigation.

The estimated 360,000 viewers of New Zealand's TV3 news program last night were "surprised and confused" by the graphic, which was supposed to promote an upcoming weather report, the New Zealand Herald said.

Graphic on New Zealand TV news program

TV3 issued an apology for "a completely unintentional mistake" and said it is conducting a thorough probe into the matter.

"It was an absolute case of human error," said spokesman Roger Beaumont, according to the Herald. "The fact that it made it to air was extremely unfortunate and we apologize for any offence that may have been taken."

The graphic appeared on the screen for a matter of seconds, the Herald reported.

Beaumont said he could not say at this point whether disciplinary action would be taken against the person who made the "absolutely genuine mistake."

"But we are looking into it, for sure," he said.
February 24th, 2005  
I have a hard time with classifying Moore's works as "documentaries", but okay, we'll go with that I guess. Frankly, he is a liability to every liberal. The Democratic Party needs him like a fish needs a bicycle.
February 24th, 2005  
A Can of Man
Well I'd say that screen thing was very unprofessional.
What's dangerous is when an idea becomes a fashion statement. And Anti-Americanism and Bush Hate has entered that phase. What makes them dangerous is that the sentiment becomes automatic. It's followed unthinkingly. Basically "anything is better than America and Bush." Which is not true and can end up leading people into all kinds of lousy situations or adopting ideologies already determined harmful (i.e. Communism).
February 25th, 2005  
Hollywood is going with the flow like they always do, this whole Political stance thing has made them a nice little junk of change you know.