Terrorist taking school in Russia.

September 4th, 2004  

Topic: Terrorist taking school in Russia.

Did anyone see that in the news. Totally horriffic.

Something like 150 people dead most of them children.

The Russians killed 20 of the terrorist, and found that half of them were Arabs.

These Islamic radicals seem to be willing to kill without concience even purposley targeting children. This is the kind of mentality we are dealing with in fighting these animals.

Somehow it hits me more now, that we did the right thing in going into Iraq. Alot of the terrorist started flocking to Iraq in order to fight us after we invaded. It's so much better to fight them over there than have them fight us over here. It's hard to imagine something like that happen over here.

Our soldiers who died over there didn't die for nothing. They died not only to free Iraqis form Saddam, but to keep us, espescialy our children here safe.

I don't think that people realize that the more we fight our enemies on foriegn soil, the longer and harder it will take for them to fight us here on our own soil. I hate to think if that had been an American shcool instead of a Russian one.
September 4th, 2004  
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September 4th, 2004  
Let Us thank God a big ass ocean seperates us from the evil these people would surley bring to our shores. I hope Putin and Bush settle their differences, we are fighting the same enemy.

RIP and God Bless to all those who fell.
September 4th, 2004  
My opinion is that the Cold War must not be forgotten.
I'm like Patton, in the Russian question...
September 4th, 2004  
The ITAR-Tass news agency quoted Russian Deputy Prosecutor Sergei Fridinsky as saying 322 bodies, including those of 155 children, had been recovered from the school in Beslan. That raised the death toll well beyond the 250 officials had previously cited.
That from MSNBC, is the latest reported total number of dead. Certainly feel for the Russian people. They've been hit hard by terrorism within the past decade. I don't know if Al Qeda was in on it, but SOME terrorist organization certainly was. Considering their lack of love for the former Soviet Union, Al Qeda would fit of course.
September 4th, 2004  
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