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Temporary Banned Members
December 16th, 2005  
Temporary Banned Members
very well then.

Doody, I will PM you to discuss the matter.

till we meet!
December 20th, 2005  
Whispering Death, 3 days temp ban for country flaming and ignoring warnings from the forum staff.
January 10th, 2006  
WelshWarrior, two days for blatantly disobeying an instruction by a moderator.
Temporary Banned Members
January 16th, 2006  
Esika: 3 day temporary ban for breaking at least 60% of the forum rules the first day....
January 17th, 2006  
Mohmar Deathstrike 3 days temp ban for language, flaming other forum member, and a few other violations of the forum rules...
February 2nd, 2006  
EagleZtrike 5 days temp ban for flaming other members over the PM system.
February 9th, 2006  
5.56X45mm; 2 days temp ban for posting (and reposting) images of extreme graphic nature.

Several reason why we don't allow that:
1. This is an open forum, so everyone can see those images.
2. The web host does not allow sites on their servers to display images like that.
March 8th, 2006  
yangyang789 2 days temp ban for country bashing and flaming forum members over the PM system
March 15th, 2006  
Whispering_death; 2 weeks temp ban for general disrespectful behavior towards current or former military members.
April 7th, 2006  

Topic: filmmaker

filmmaker, 3 days for bad language and sexist comments.