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Coffee 34 50.00%
No thanks.. 5 7.35%
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Tea or Coffee
June 21st, 2007  
Tea or Coffee
Originally Posted by bulldogg
Its "cha" in both Cantonese (guangdonghua) and Mandarin (putonghua). I am torn on this rivetting query of hot beverage. In the morning I enjoy the extremely carnal pleasure of a cup of traditionally made Indonesian coffee (kopi murtuah). But in the avo (afternoon for my Yank brethren) I do delight in a cuppa, strong English tea with milk and sugar.
You're sounding awful foreign devily there bulldogg. Where you at? It's sounding like maybe it's time for you to return to CONUS for some official rehabilitation and reeducation.
June 22nd, 2007  
LOL, been working with and directly under Aussies for the last 3 1/2 years. My idioms and slang give my brother fits now so I know what you're saying brother.
June 24th, 2007  
Coooofffffeeeeeeee....................mmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmm

White, strong, rich and very tasty, just how I like my men
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Tea or Coffee
June 24th, 2007  
I don't drink either to much. I said coffee because that is how I feel right now. Coffee with lots of cream and sugar! (So much, that it isn't really coffee anymore!)
July 2nd, 2007  
Coffee...strong and black. I'll have one now if your making thanks
September 3rd, 2007  
Digital Wanderer

Black; the stronger, the better.

If I can come back and haunt people/places after I eventually die, I do believe that fresh coffee will be the odor associated with my manifestations.

The drawback to this addiction is the bad headaches I get when I go without caffiene.

Coffee has some sort of natural laxative in it, though, so I am always regular. For those who are not always so, you know the joys of being ... empty.
September 3rd, 2007  
Team Infidel
gimme the cafe.........
September 3rd, 2007  
Coffee is my favourite, but when you are hot and tired a cup of peppermint tea (hot) is pure bliss, especially with a gingernut biscuit. Ginger and Peppermint, try it sometime, very refreshing.
September 5th, 2007  
They should be illegal they alter your state of mind, influence your body, have possible negative side effects in certain people, and can become addictive substances.

Caffeine has been known, over long periods of time, to cause heart problems, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and a slew of other psychiatric disorders.

People that are sensitive to caffeine can suffer seizures which would cause them to need medical attention and if they could not afford this it would place the burden on society to care for them.

Im sorry I just can not support the fact that these things are legal

I mean lets face it we are talking about a psychoactive stimulant.....

(Caffeine intoxication can occur after 3-4 cups of brewed regular coffee)
October 27th, 2007  

Night shift worker here. Gotta have my java.