Tattoos on women - Page 4

October 14th, 2004  
Hell, A tatoo looks good on a woman if it isn't to big in my opinion.

My tattoo is just in perfect size I believe, but it depends on the person and tattoo.
October 14th, 2004  
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I probably could sometime take a picture of it and post it. The tattoo artist did a really good job. There's actually a pic of me riding my horse under "Post a picture of yourself" if you want to see me in my cowgirl get-up :P
Beautiful picture can't wait to see the Tatoo. Awesome looking apaloosa too.
Thanks I've had her since the day she was born. We were hoping she'd have some spots but she's got such an awesome personality that it doesn't really matter. My mother always used to joke and say, "Well, she's got spots on her heart."