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July 15th, 2004  
July 19th, 2004  

Topic: A/BWings.....Still contemplating.....

I 'm pretty sure im gonna get my airborne wings tatt'ed on my left arm or my shoulder.
July 23rd, 2004  
Desert Blossom
Originally Posted by czarninakid
Considering the Ted Bundy wannabe I sat up with last night ,Desert Blossom seems pretty normal for an Air Force guy. After 22 years in the mental health field you can pick them out very easily.The normal ones that is. I would say Blossom is just a bit misguided.

All is good and well but I'm a FEMALE!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm not misguided in any way what so ever. I just like using my body as a canvas. I think tattoos are beautiful.
July 28th, 2004  
Sorry for the mistake.I should have realized that no guy would call himself a blossom unless he was a blooming idiot.I think it's great that you have found an outlet for self expression and I hope you stay as careful as you have been in the past when you choose an artist (yes I consider tattooists artists) and a piercer. I have seen the effects of hepatitis B all the way from hardly any symptoms to agony that had the patients begging us to kill them to end their suffering.By the way, I thought I was complimenting you by calling you a little misguided when the others said you were nuts, now I know that I'm dealing with a woman so I'll just file this with my other blunders with the female sex(if I can find the room).Also, some of the most important girls in my life ,after my wife of course, have tattoos so I hold no prejustices against any woman who chooses to have them.
July 31st, 2004  
Desert Blossom
Hahahahah....It's ok.
I'm used to it all by now. Some people just think it's strange when women have a lot of tattoos. Oh well. I've learned to live with it.
August 1st, 2004  

Topic: tatoos

Like I said before, an RN that I work with has at least 6 large ones on her arms ,leg, and torso and at least 10 smaller ones scattered on her body. The only one who has a problem with her is the other nurse who thinks that the money should have been used some other way , but then again she's the type who only buys the marked down meats for her kids in the supermarket so she can have more for herself to put into the stock market. Our girl with the tatoos is one of the more respected nurses at our facility and ms. moneyhungry has no respect what so ever from anyone.Tattoos play no part in a persons performance ,but I think it makes for some interesting conversations when you ask "Why that one...?"