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June 28th, 2004  
The squirrel is great!!

I dunno if I want a witch being my nurse, kinda got this thing about being scared of witch doctors...
June 29th, 2004  
I'm getting my zodiac sign and my best friends zodiac sign entwined together in our favorite colors. We are both going to get it in a few weeks. I have to get it in a hidden place, which is real hard to explain the location, because when I go to Meps at the end of July to swear in again and ship out they can't see it. Toodles.
June 29th, 2004  
I have 6 tatoos ranging from forearms to shoulders. What is the Army's stand on tattoos I know what the reg says, but what is ok and what is not. Like for example you really couldn't get one on your neck...could you?
June 29th, 2004  
originally, I was planning something roughly like this(only in black of course, going full color would kill my shoulder):

but now, I'm shooting for:

wow.... I'm gonna be disowned quickly!
June 29th, 2004  

Is this about permanent tattoos? Yes, I'm a whimp. Seriously, tattoos can be an none-regrettable mistake. Sure, they're cool, but not cool enough to keep permanently.

Just my 2 cents mini-lecture.
June 30th, 2004  
it all depends yes there is a possiblity you'll regret it but its all personal
July 1st, 2004  

One of my roommates got a tattoo of a tiger in the old oriental tapestry style that covers half his back, and he got buyer's remorse within a week.
July 1st, 2004  
C/2nd Lt Robot
The best place to get a tattoo is on ur head. If you dont like it you can always grow your hair out.
July 1st, 2004  
The only reason why I would get a tattoo is because I want one and it has meaning to me. That way, I'll never regret ever getting it done!
July 2nd, 2004  
Italian Guy
Yeah like something you believe in. Your country's symbol, or something you intimately feel will never be stranger to yourself.