Tank question

July 8th, 2007  

Topic: Tank question

Besides the Gulf War's can somebody tell when the last three times there was tank vs. Tank battles? It's not the easiest thing to look up or search for I hoping somebody could list a few battles and I'll do the leg work hunting around, thanks
July 13th, 2007  
iraq-iran war, 1982 lebanon war (syria, israel and the plo all fielded tanks), 1973 war(with somthing like 6000 tanks on both sides). of all these the 1973 war is the classic tank war no doubt.
July 13th, 2007  

Topic: Cuban / SA

Did Cuban tanks ever go up against South Africa tank vs. tank? Africa is a place where I know little about and many wars have been fought there. I think there's been a few short wars between Libya and Chad where tanks may have faced each other on a small scale. Maybe Ethiopic and Somalia as well and while I'm at it Sudan. I'll start off with your suggestions and start searching the African names. I'm assuming I'll be finding T-54/55 vs T-54/55 since most of the countries I listed use Russian gear.
July 13th, 2007  

Topic: Iraq vs Iiran -good read

August 1st, 2007  
Why not just go for an old favorite like Kursk or one of the El Alamein battles?
August 5th, 2007  
Don't forget the '67 war when Israel used beefed up Shermans to kick the crap out of Egyptian and Syrian T-62s that were 25 years newer.
August 15th, 2007  
Try the Israeli Wars in the 1960's
August 18th, 2007  
in 1967 the arabs didebt use t-62s...you are thinking about 1973...

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