Tamil runs amok with samurai sword in German church

April 4th, 2005  

Topic: Tamil runs amok with samurai sword in German church

STUTTGART, Germany (AP) - A man wielding a sword stormed into a Protestant church in southern Germany on Sunday, killing one person and injuring three, including a man whose hand was hacked off, police said.

Some 65 members of the local Tamil community, about half of them children, were in the middle of a service at the church in Stuttgart when the 25-year-old man attacked, police investigator Michael Kuehner said.

He killed a 43-year-old woman and injured others who got in his way, including another woman who suffered life threatening injuries, and two men, one of whom lost a hand, Kuehner said.

Not exactly what I wanted to hear from my clock radio when I got up this morning...
April 6th, 2005  
There are also many other related cases of intended battery or injuries by Samurai swords in Germany as well. I wil try to provide the source but unfortunetily it might take some time as well.