Tactical Designations Army Delta and Navy Seals

October 13th, 2013  

Topic: Tactical Designations Army Delta and Navy Seals

Greetings my friends,

I would like to ask for your kind help today regarding some tactical designations, I've looked around the internet for help, but to no avail. Anyhow, as I continue writing my book (Military Industrial Apocalypse, Book Two "Revelations"), it seems that the hard part is to sim radio conversations between parties.

In this case, I have a team of Army Delta Special Forces aiding and assisting a group of CCs (Air Force Combat Controllers). They're hunting for enemy scouts along a mountain side and Delta has spotted them. I need to know what kinds of tactical designations would the delta team leader get and what would their teams be called. Here's what I have so far:

-Puzzle Palace, this is AFSOC team leader (Delta Force team leader), be advised, we have located the coordinates for both the scouts located along... also pinpointed the OPFOR’s exact location, over.

-This is Puzzle Palace, good job, please send those coordinates over so that we can send a squadron over to visit them, over.

-Stand by, Puzzle Palace, sending them now, over.

-Roger that, team leader, just received them.

-Puzzle Palace, request permission to contact CC group leader for airstrikes on the rest of the enemy spotters, over.

-Roger that, team leader, proceed to the next phase, over.

-Copy that, Puzzle Palace, over.

“All right, you heard TOC, let’s radio in the other CCs,”
- "On it, sir,” replied the radioman.

-Come in, team One (CCs), this is team two (Delta), over.

-This is team One (CCs), Team Two (Delta), what’s the word, over.

-Team One, you have a green light, I repeat, we are done here, call them in, over.

-Roger that, Team Two, good job, over.
October 17th, 2013  
Well for one, when you want to repeat something, you dont say repeat!
Repeat is only used to repeat a fire mission. You should be using "say again"
October 21st, 2013  
Yeah, this isn't really how these guys would be talking to one another and the Puzzle Palace call sign has got to go. Air Force Combat Air Controllers "can" be attached to delta teams, but, it's not common. Delta usually has their own qualified guys to do that. Not to mention Combat Air Controllers are usually used at the Brigade level or higher. JTACs are the ground guys and they do get assigned to ground units all the time...but not normally a Tier 1 unit, again, units like CAG (delta) and DEVGRU (Seal 6) have their own qualified guys to drop ordnance.

The only time we call the enemy OPFOR is if it's a training situation and never over the radio. We never ever call them OPFOR while we're operating in theater. Usually we say enemy dismounts, or enemy pax(personnel), or even enemy squirters if we have positive ID that they are in fact the enemy. If we're not sure we say something like "Be advised, 2 possible enemy dismounts at vicinity grid _________, we'll keep our eyes on them but just in case I want to set a TRP(target reference point) up at their location" or something to that effect.

I'll explain more soon when I have some time.
October 29th, 2013  
You need to know about SO-standard operating procedure, and callsigns.

These are things that change from time to time, mission to mission, etc.

You don't tell people who you are-you use your designated call sign and folks who need to know who you are ID you from that. Same-same in reverse.

Activities themselves may have a code designator.
I think you are a long ways from an accurate portrayal of any actual events.
Not something learned the easy way.

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