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December 26th, 2014  
Originally Posted by JOC
There has been no conflict since or before WW2 to rival WW2, this is bunk. In fact you could tally up all the people killed in wars since WW2 and they wouldn't add up to the WW2 death toll.

The misdemeanors of the CIA do not even come close to the killing and suppression of human rights committed by Iran's revolutionary guard. In Iran the breaking of certain religious laws or making of antigovernment political statements results in imprisonment-torture-death. This is by no means the case in the US.

Most of these so called American crimes exist only in your mind.
Ok we've our own law like you, what can you tell me abouy:
1. Tresa Lewis
2. Paul Goodwin
3. Robert Winn Haseley
And other people killed and prisoned just because they couldnt pay for lawyers.
September 27th, 2016  
Originally Posted by Britney
But I never mentioned the T-72?

On the subject of that though, why do you think the Iraqi armored corps had no experience and barely any training? They had just gotten done fighting for a decade against Iran. The Republican guard in particular had exceptional training- both to advance their own political careers in the militaristic government, and to make a name for themselves by in my opinion fancying themselves the modern SS.

The Syrians and Egyptians had decently trained armor crews, not much less training then the typical russian crews. Russia has never trained its men particularly well ( one only needs to look at its airforce) What makes you think they would fair significantly better then the Iraqis, Syrians, or Egyptians?

The Germans are no one's fools and their training is just as complex as any other NATO members. Superior crew, superior tank, same result- burning Russian scrap heap after being slapped around by the Germans.

I think it would be a much better match fighting our Abrahams, the Leopard two is a more than worthy adversary to face in battle.

What's wrong with how the Egyptians fared?
We knew the Russian scrap we used was no match for the American and brittish armor the izzies had, so we used infantry to protect the tanks (while the tank was originally designed to do the inverse). In the battle of the Chinese farm, a comparatively tiny force of Egyptian armor defended it's position to the last tank, man and bullet, fighting a collosally bigger izzie tank force. It wasn't like a heroic superman thing, it was just because we prepared the defenses so as to negate the izzies any quality advantage they had be it range finders, better armor, or a gun that continued to be fielded by newer designs for decades later, because it worked so damn well (in fact the L7 105mm had comparable performance to the 120mm smoothbore up to at least 2000 meters range).

I'd say we fared much better than what the weapons we used were designed to do. And that includes air force, armor and infantry.

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