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March 11th, 2015  
The Think Tanker
Originally Posted by lolwhassup
If you've been reading what all the people before you have written, then you would realize the Abrams is superior because of

1) The Abrams has a superior Fire Control System.
2) It has Depleted Uranium plates on the frontal armor, so it is better protected.
3) The Abrams has a higher top speed than the T-90 despite the Abrams being heavier.
4) As HindStrike has said, the Abrams uses the L44 120mm Smooth-bore that fires shells at a higher velocity than the T-90's 125mm, not to mention the M829A3 that was specifically designed to counter Russian reactive armor.

Oh and on your point about the T-90 being able to fire ATGMs, the T-90 can only fire it's ATGMs while it's stationary or moving at an extremely slow speed.
Also, those GLATGM's are EXCEPTIONALLY expensive, with 8-10 costing the same as a single T-72BU(MS) which means that that if you do factor in the GLATGM's, then factor out the T-90's main advantage, cost.

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