Syria's 'moderate' rebels say they need weapons, not training

September 15th, 2014  
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Topic: Syria's 'moderate' rebels say they need weapons, not training

By Jason Szep JEDDAH Saudi Arabia (Reuters) - As President Barack Obama knits together an*international coalition to take its campaign against Islamic State from Iraq into Syria, fighters like Ammar al-Wawi could make the difference. He fears that restrictions on the kind of weapons heíll receive and the training heíll get under a $500 million White House proposal to arm moderate Syrian rebels will make his job impossible. What we need are quality weapons,Ē said Wawi, a commander in the Free Syrian Army, a loose collection of moderate rebels fighting both the Islamic State and Syrian government forces. If we donít get those, we canít win, no matter what the United States does.Ē Under the current legislation in Congress, Wawi is unlikely to get what he wants, highlighting a dilemma for Obama after he authorized last week U.S.


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