Supreme Court John Paul Stevens Retiring

April 10th, 2010  

Topic: Supreme Court John Paul Stevens Retiring

John Paul Stevens' unexpectedly liberal legacy:

"The retiring Supreme Court justice started out as a conservative in 1975, but as he saw it, the court shifted right as he held to the center.........",5015308.story

"The Supreme Court career of John Paul Stevens could not have been easily predicted in 1975 when he arrived as a Midwestern Republican with a background in corporate and antitrust law.

A World War II veteran, he wanted no part of defending pornography as a free-speech issue: "Few of us would march our sons and daughters off to war to preserve the citizen's right to see . . . sexually explicit 'adult' movies," he wrote in his first major opinion. Having replaced liberal Justice William O. Douglas, Stevens also cast a key vote in his first year to restore the death penalty after a four-year ban....."
April 10th, 2010  
Justice Stevens retirement should make for a "hot" summer in Washington DC.

Three front-runners to fill Justice Stevens seat are:
Elena Kagan, Diane Wood, and Merrick Garland. Only one of which I hope would not be nominated.

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