Suppose I need a waiver, is it even possible?

May 7th, 2015  

Topic: Suppose I need a waiver, is it even possible?

A few years ago I spoke to a really super sleazy Navy recruiter. I told him going in that I didn't plan on joining until I graduated with my B.A., but I wanted to get some advice on how to go about it. Took the practice ASVAB and got a 98, but haven't taken the actual one so I don't know how that would go.

He asked me if I had ever smoked pot, I told him I had tried it a few times, mostly in high school, but never really liked it. I don't think he ever asked me about any other drugs (at that time the answer was no anyway). He didn't even ask if I had ever drank underage. The answer would have been yes. He told me the weed was fine, wouldn't need a waiver because it had been years prior and never recreational. All he said was that I'd need to take the gauges out of my ears and I'd be good to go to MEPS.

He then proceeded to call me daily asking if I was ready to go to MEPS, pressured me to go in to the Nuclear program even though I told him I was interested in crypto-linguistics (at the time I wanted to join the FBI afterwards, pretty sure I've shot myself in the foot of that ever happening now because I sucked at life temporarily a little over a year ago.)

So, I stopped talking to him and then fell in to a super crap part of my life. I won't go in to details but I hit a very rough patch and fell apart for a bit. I got myself back on my feet, but I had messed around with cocaine in that time. Not a heavy user, once every couple months maybe in a party setting. Yes, I know. I made poor choices in areas of my life not limited to friends. It doesn't make it okay, it doesn't excuse it, and it's my fault. I'm definitely not proud of it and would take it back in a heartbeat if I could. I screwed myself over and am now dealing with the consequences.

I guess what I'm asking is, is it even worth bothering to try joining now or should I wait and try when the chances are greater?

I was never dependent upon anything, don't have anything on my record at all (not even a speeding ticket), haven't done anything in over a year, but I won't lie about it.

I'm certain I'll need a waiver but I don't see my chances of getting one to even be existent due to the pickiness lately...

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

I used cocaine a handful of times over a year ago, and haven't smoked weed in over two years. Was never a dependent user of anything. Hit a rough patch and the usage was always in a casual setting and was a stupid sophomore-year college mistake.

Squeaky clean record, 98 on practice ASVAB (yes I'm aware it's not the real thing, but it's a number to judge from), future degree holder. Heart set on joining Navy since I graduated from high school (wanted to be a Veterinarian prior to that).

Any chance of a waiver from any branch or should I look for an entirely new career path since becoming even a LE Officer is unlikely?
May 7th, 2015  
Confused, who would know what or if you took anything if it was that long ago and you have no record for taking it?
May 7th, 2015  
People I partied with would know, the guy I had been dating for two years at the time would know.

Do they not ask if I've ever taken anything though?
July 27th, 2015  
Based on the different interests you have shown you should make it known to your recruiter that you have used drugs and that you will need a waiver. It sounds like you are interested in receiving a commission (B.S. Degree) and if that is the case there will be a background investigation if your job requires a clearance. Depending on the needs of the service almost anything can be waivered. Be honest with your recruiter and make sure everything is documented.

It sounds like you are getting yourself put back together so congratulations on getting back on track.

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