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January 31st, 2012  

Topic: I suppose this goes here

( If this is TL;DR, Just pass to the 4th paragraph. )

I was generally discharged from the US Army on Aug 5 2011.
I would have been a medical discharge, but they were no longer doing them on our post. I did not make it past AIT. I was actualy in OSUT, and I made it through basic. However, if you do not know this already. OSUT is One Station Unit Training.

This means, even if you do make it past basic. Get your ceremony, get your e2, e3 rank, and the warriors ethos dog tag. And then you happen to get injured and discharged, You will have to REDO basic. Sorry.

So, with that said. I broke both my heels in AIT. Was told the Commander of ..****.. I forget the name of bct/ait station for sick call and ****. I was told by the commander that I would have to stay in rehabilitation or MED BOARD. I refused med board, was going to transfer companies and follow through with AIT and you know the rest.

HOWEVER, it did not work out like that. So I was discharged, and the 6 month period has actually arose today. I come home from work, and the Master Sergant of the US Army Recruiting Company where I live, has visited my house and would like for me to contact him about my discharge. ( Not yet done that. )

Now, my question: Is that allowed? Or is that normal?
January 31st, 2012  
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