Supply, Logistics, Armorer.

August 2nd, 2005  
FO Seaman

Topic: Supply, Logistics, Armorer.

Ok, I'm have about a year of school left until I'm out for good and was thinking of joining the Army Guard. My whole base plan was (as we know no plan ever works as planned) to join,get MOS in Supply and Logistics go to college get a degree, go to OCS and get my commision, then go to the Police Academy as my full-time job, become a civilian Law Enforcement Officer, then get my MOS as an armorer in the Guard. But my problem is a breath condition, its not Asthma. It only occurs when I over-exert myself in sports and the such.

My question is, can I join without failing the Pysical Fitness?

(Best tip ever given to me involving a recruiter: Always get it in writing.)