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View Poll Results :Which sunglasses do you like the best
Ray-Ban 4 19.05%
Oakley 7 33.33%
Smith 0 0%
Nike 1 4.76%
Bolle 0 0%
Rudy Project 0 0%
Other 9 42.86%
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April 21st, 2005  
Do any of you think the Oakley Half Jacket Standard Lens
Jetblack/black iridium or polarized looks good?

sunglasses - o matter - half jacket - standard
April 21st, 2005  
I wear Oakley brand just because I like them and they look good.
April 21st, 2005  
Im more of an Arnet person myself
April 21st, 2005  

because they're free, because if the frame was made by oakley it would almost as expensive as the minutes.
April 22nd, 2005  
Canadian Sergeant
No I am not rich, I got them aas a present from my fiancee. He bought them for my b-day this year because he knows how much i like to match my clothes.
My eyesight has decreased over the last few years so I have had to get perscription contact lenses, so as a present, he went and found out my perscription, bought me sunglasses and had the optomotrist put in the proper perscription. Just the lenses alone were almost $300. The frames, are about $250 with taxes.
(As I found out, I am now going to be flying Helo's for the rest of my career, so i guess it is ok as long as I get to fly. I went for my JPL and they turned me down b/c of my eyesight. So now I fly Helo's)
April 28th, 2005  
Solar Shields. They go over your own specs without looking too much like VR goggles. They're plain black, polarized, UV blocking, and don't p*ss of the Sergeant-Major.

My vision is such I must wear specs all the time, I could never afford prescription shades, and my own glasses were too thick to accept most clip-ons. So these have been a real blessing.
April 28th, 2005  
I'm gonna buy some aviators to go with my BDs, it looks good trust me.
May 10th, 2005  
Wiley-X. There is no better glasses for the desert or home.