Suggested defense against HEAT

April 2nd, 2012  
Jonny Reb

Topic: Suggested defense against HEAT

This consists of three components: Steel backed ceramic, a vented void of considerable depth, steel armour incorperating a fine ceramic mesh internally.The critical dimension of a tank is height , there is leeway on width and length.On a light weight fast moving medium tanks considerable space can be allowed for voids. They can be made even more effective by venting to prevent a build up of injected expanding gases. If it is decided to use the tank as a heavy tank then provided the suspension is adj. ( hydro-pneumatic ) and there are suitable baulks, extra armour can be inserted in the voids.
The idea of the mesh where the holes are considerable smaller than diam. of HEAT jet, is that the ceramic provides a momentary resistance to the high temp jet. It will thus act as a diffusor considerably de-focusing the jet thus rendering it ineffective when it finally reaches the ceramic plate.
April 3rd, 2012  

April 3rd, 2012  
Ive always thought something like a flower design with layers of petals on rods would detonate and throw off rounds

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